Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity

Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity.  Since he can cum in his cage I see no reason to unlock him 🙂  And of course I turned of the power right before he came, its not his birthday.  (Note this video was uploaded on Bdsmlr 1-2 weeks ago so was not today :-). Ruined [...]

Waiting for my lover

Waiting for my lover, will be here in one hour. Hope he dont think my skirt look too slutty :-). And my hubby..he will be looked in the guest room because to day I want him to listen only. Cant give him a full full porn show all the times. Anyway, now its time for [...]

Back from a cuckold vacay

Just back from a short but nice Vacay. Purpose of the trip was to visit an old lover in a town I used to study in. . Also wanted some time to relax. My first trip out of country in one year without my husband. Also think this trip was nice for my husband. Because [...]