Honeymoon is over for my cuck

Today I told my cuck there will be changes in our relation. Fact is, over the time I have been way to nice in terms of chastity, orgasms and lingerie discipline. Its time to take a step up. #1 Chasity Over the past years I have used chastity on and off. Some weeks on some [...]

My favorite way of emptying my hubby

Once in a while a mans prostate should be emptied in order to keep his pipes clean and healthy. Moreover its important to give a man some sexual pleasure now and then in order to keep his motivation up. Question is how to do this without making him feel like a king or a boss [...]

A Mistress can be nice to a dog too

When I returned from my lover yesterday I could see how sex starved my husband was. Doggy eyes..blue balls.. smelling my well fucked body. I almost felt a little sorry for my dog, wanted to give him something too.  So I decided to let him feel what my lover felt when my lover had his [...]