Love to show my destroyed pussy to my hubby

Just love showing my chastity husband my destroyed pussy after it have been destroy by my lovers fat, thick cock after a very long fuck (yesterday). And sorry guys..a fat cock is way better than a tiny one. Dicks without grith should be caged and put in panties. Leave the fucking to those who can [...]

Nice weekend with my cuckold husband and my new lover

Me and my lover starting to warming up in front of my husband Clothes going off ๐Ÿ™‚ And my cuckold husband getting horny.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love my life. Playing a little with my husband's dick.. Yes, I unlocked him before we started because I wanted to play a little with his dick while fucking to make [...]

Diary of a Cuckoldress

Things went slow in April and the beginning of May due to corevid19. Luckily most things seems to go slowly back to normal which again made it possible to start with my cuckolding again.ย  I missed it. Also think my husband have been longing for my cuckold sessions, at least he got hard in his [...]

Impotence surprise with numbing cream

  My cuck had been waiting 1 month for this day.ย  Let me go back in time: Once or twice pr week I fuck my hubby with a dildo or a strap on. Normally I donโ€™t remove his Chasity cage. Fact is, I love to have him dressed in lingerie wearing Chasity all time. I [...]

My wardrobe has changed over the past years

As I continue to grow in my role as a mistress and a boss my clothing has changed more and more toward leather, lacquer, high boots, black, red... I love to dress dominant,makes me powerful and feminine at the same time. Also want people to be able to identify my lifestyle as a dominant cuckoldress. [...]

Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity

Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity.ย  Since he can cum in his cage I see no reason to unlock him ๐Ÿ™‚ย  And of course I turned of the power right before he came, its not his birthday.ย  (Note this video was uploaded on Bdsmlr 1-2 weeks ago so was not today :-). Ruined [...]

Interviewed my Chastity Cuck

  # What made you interested in Femdom? Strong dominant women have always attracted me. I think it started at school when I was young. I mostly had female teachers and at that time and they always wore skirts, and did not tolerate nonsense. Today I get horny when I see a woman in skirt, [...]

Honeymoon is over for my cuck

Today I told my cuck there will be changes in our relation. Fact is, over the time I have been way to nice in terms of chastity, orgasms and lingerie discipline. Its time to take a step up. #1 Chasity Over the past years I have used chastity on and off. Some weeks on some [...]

Had a very nice cuckold session

Yesterday I invited one of my lovers to come over to me and my husband for some sushi and vine. Had actually not planned anything except that but I had my husband help me to find some nice panties and bra for me just in case. After some talk, drinks and sushi my lover started [...]

I’m happy and proud mistress and cuckoldress

One of my motivations to write about femdom and cuckolding is to educate people. Femdom and cuckolding is not only a kink, it's a lifestyle which has given me and my marriage a lot. It has also opened my eyes in terms of sexuality. No, I don't get many likes, but there are a lot [...]