Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity

Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity.  Since he can cum in his cage I see no reason to unlock him 🙂  And of course I turned of the power right before he came, its not his birthday.  (Note this video was uploaded on Bdsmlr 1-2 weeks ago so was not today :-). Ruined [...]

How do you take control in a femdom marriage

I wrote about fetishes before. How to find them and use them for your benefit. I know how crazy my dog get when I put on the strapon and how humiliating it is for him to be fucked like a slut, dressed as a slut. I know how hard his little dick gets in the [...]

How to teach a man to lick you to multiple orgasms – With some help from an electro device

First I strap the electrodes around his...after removing the cage of course... I place one electrode on the underside of his head.. lots of nerves there and the other not too far away. I start with a pleasant low power, high frequency non painful pulse. If he does a good job licking I increase the [...]