My wardrobe has changed over the past years

As I continue to grow in my role as a mistress and a boss my clothing has changed more and more toward leather, lacquer, high boots, black, red... I love to dress dominant,makes me powerful and feminine at the same time. Also want people to be able to identify my lifestyle as a dominant cuckoldress. [...]

So far so good with my hubby’s new PA cage from Rigid Chastity – 4 weeks so far

So far so good with my hubby's new PA cage from Rigid Chastity. Been on for 4 weeks now without removal and without any issue at all. Before he used the half shell from Rigid Chastity, but due to the relatively closed design he often got some skin irritations, not with this one. I know [...]

Back from a cuckold vacay

Just back from a short but nice Vacay. Purpose of the trip was to visit an old lover in a town I used to study in. . Also wanted some time to relax. My first trip out of country in one year without my husband. Also think this trip was nice for my husband. Because [...]

How to teach a man to lick you to multiple orgasms – With some help from an electro device

First I strap the electrodes around his...after removing the cage of course... I place one electrode on the underside of his head.. lots of nerves there and the other not too far away. I start with a pleasant low power, high frequency non painful pulse. If he does a good job licking I increase the [...]

A Mistress can be nice to a dog too

When I returned from my lover yesterday I could see how sex starved my husband was. Doggy balls.. smelling my well fucked body. I almost felt a little sorry for my dog, wanted to give him something too.  So I decided to let him feel what my lover felt when my lover had his [...]

My favourite Strapon Setup

I really recommend the “Hung” Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock. Its soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough for pegging. It may look very big which it is, but since it's quite soft it enter easily after some buttplug warmup. My little bitch seems to love it too since he always get this strange face when [...]