Why should a woman cuckold her husband?

Note: This is the cuckold husband to the blog owner writing (from his perspective). First I must say I'm tired of the stereotypes in porn movies: “Stupid pathetic guy without character, no muscles, small dick”.  Fact is: I'm more masculine than average, I do have a quite stronger character, well educated and my dick is [...]


Preparing for my hubby

Preparing for my hubby. And no Im not like these mean bitch bosses who dont let their sissy cum.  My sissy is fully allowed to cum as much as he want as long as he cum by his ass without any touching.. and trust me, I will drill all the way to china. One time [...]

First time Chastity

A sexually satisfied man is a selfish man but a denied man is an obedient man - Elise Sutton. Today I put a lock on my hubby for first time. His dick belong to me, I no longer accept him playing with his thing without permission.  And personally I think he get more than enough pleasure [...]