Difficult to teach old dogs new tricks?

They say it’s difficult to teach an old dog a new trick. Actually it’s not so difficult, its just about being persistent. Can give some examples: a couple of years ago my cuck said my strapon was way to big and would never fit.. but look at the bitch now: it goes all to the [...]

Hard times for my cuck husband

I have a new lover. My cuck husband have all reasons to be worried. Why? Simply because my new lover is actually one of our neighbors. Lives only 100 meter down the street.  And he live all by himself and have endless time and motivation to please me. Yes, I had a couple of lovers [...]

My wardrobe has changed over the past years

As I continue to grow in my role as a mistress and a boss my clothing has changed more and more toward leather, lacquer, high boots, black, red... I love to dress dominant,makes me powerful and feminine at the same time. Also want people to be able to identify my lifestyle as a dominant cuckoldress. [...]

Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity

Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity.  Since he can cum in his cage I see no reason to unlock him 🙂  And of course I turned of the power right before he came, its not his birthday.  (Note this video was uploaded on Bdsmlr 1-2 weeks ago so was not today :-). Ruined [...]

Interviewed my Chastity Cuck

  # What made you interested in Femdom? Strong dominant women have always attracted me. I think it started at school when I was young. I mostly had female teachers and at that time and they always wore skirts, and did not tolerate nonsense. Today I get horny when I see a woman in skirt, [...]