Back from a cuckold vacay

Just back from a short but nice Vacay. Purpose of the trip was to visit an old lover in a town I used to study in. . Also wanted some time to relax. My first trip out of country in one year without my husband. Also think this trip was nice for my husband. Because [...]


How do you take control in a femdom marriage

I wrote about fetishes before. How to find them and use them for your benefit. I know how crazy my dog get when I put on the strapon and how humiliating it is for him to be fucked like a slut, dressed as a slut. I know how hard his little dick gets in the [...]

5 years as a cuckoldress – what did I learn

I have been cuckolding my hubby on and off for 5 years now.  Together with chastity it's no better relational medicine if done correctly. Cuckolding together with chastity makes my hubby softer, behave better and more obedient. His focus on me become much stronger. Well he have competition, and he is competing with a handicap [...]

Lately I have really opened my eyes in terms of face-sitting and toilet servitude

I was really not into face-sitting before, but once I noticed how my dog gets horney and drifts off to subspace when I push my big lovely ass deep down over his face I realized I loved it. Moreover, face-sitting is easy and can be done at all times of the day with no preparation [...]

Once up on a time I had a FLR – femdom contract with my hubby, not any more !!

Once up on a time I had a contract with my hubby, contract regarding days in chastity, how often he should cum, rules regarding cuckolding, clothing.. like a slave contract telling the me how to please my master's fetishes. Those days are long time gone. Why the contract went in the garbage? In my home [...]