My new Cage

New cage from Rigid Chastity with 6mm PA hook. Until yesterday my hubby has been wearing the halfshell from same company. Reason I bought this one is because its easier for my hubby to keep his little pussy dry and clean. In order to celebrate the new cage I got a spontaneous idea; I took [...]


Be careful what you wish for

From time to time my husband asks me if he can please enter me.. “To have a little taste”.. Hell no, he is a cuck, my dog, my slave,  its not his pussy anymore, it belong to someone else. Have a taste? I give him plenty of tastes; Who is licking my juice mixed with [...]

My favourite Strapon Setup

I really recommend the “Hung” Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock. Its soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough for pegging. It may look very big which it is, but since it's quite soft it enter easily after some buttplug warmup. My little bitch seems to love it too since he always get this strange face when [...]

My Christmas present for hubby

My Christmas present for my husband this year: The halfshell chastity device with integrated 4ga prince albert lock from Rigid Chastity. Yes, the above hook goes through the prince albert piercing and makes it impossible to pull out 🙂 Note, pictures are not from the actual device since the actual device will not arrive until late [...]