Words from a frustrated chastity cuckold

Written by my husband Who is this? where is she going? is it a one night stand? or a permanet relation.. Like always I dont fucking know !! All I know is that Im locked with a prince albert secure chastity device, and trust me.. cuming in that device would be difficult, and even if [...]


Chastity cage with PA lock versus regular cage

Chastity cage with PA lock vs regular cage My hubby made this video (with my permission) in order to demonstrate the difference in terms of security when it comes to chastity cages with and without a prince albert piercing.    

My love for my hubby is Electric

Electric devices are really a must for a mistress. With minimum effort, in less than a second, you can change between pain or pleasure, motivation or punishment.  Perfect for behavioural training. Trust me, they behave so nice when I hold the power button in my hand 🙂 Locked and Loaded: Picture above is of my [...]

My Christmas present for hubby

My Christmas present for my husband this year: The halfshell chastity device with integrated 4ga prince albert lock from Rigid Chastity. Yes, the above hook goes through the prince albert piercing and makes it impossible to pull out 🙂 Note, pictures are not from the actual device since the actual device will not arrive until late [...]