Nice weekend with my cuckold husband and my new lover

Me and my lover starting to warming up in front of my husband


Clothes going off 🙂 And my cuckold husband getting horny.. 🙂 Love my life.


Playing a little with my husband’s dick.. Yes, I unlocked him before we started because I wanted to play a little with his dick while fucking to make him maximum horny before locking him up again. Men behave better when maximum horny 🙂  


Husband watching


I just love my new lover’s nice thick cock. He fill me so nicely and is also a very good lover who goes slow, slow…. Making love with me for an hour.. Until I cum. 


Oops my lovers dick went out.. No problem just to tell my hubby to insert it again 🙂
















Time to lock up my hubby again, and yes, he already licked both me and my lover clean. Btw, my new lover and I have already talked about making our relationship more permanent (staying with us), in that case I will make my lover have some decision in terms of when to unlock my husband… 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Nice weekend with my cuckold husband and my new lover

  1. Very hot, photos make all the difference. I notice the hubby was not hard in the end. Was he allowed to masturbate and cum before you locked him up? I bet I would be hard as a rock if my wife fucked another guy with me watching hopelessly with zero chance for sex and ordered me to lick her and suck him clean afterwards.


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