Hard times for my cuck husband

I have a new lover. My cuck husband have all reasons to be worried. Why? Simply because my new lover is actually one of our neighbors. Lives only 100 meter down the street.  And he live all by himself and have endless time and motivation to please me. Yes, I had a couple of lovers very close by before, but now we are talking about right in front of my cuck husband. IN FRONT !!

Snaps are from yesterday. (Sorry about bad quality it was dark and late, made the snaps from my camera running). I let the snaps speak for themselves LOL. In case you want the details: When I came from my lover my husband licked me clean, if he do behave well and do a good job he will be rewarded in one way or the other as long as its not about his chastity dick. Otherwise it will be a serve spanking session..or I just spend time with my lover instead.. Well, I told my husband that if he behave nice I will spend more time with him than my new lover.. his choice.

And my dog husband? He is frustrated and humiliated now. But as I always tell him: do what I require and you will be a happy dog 🙂  Perhaps its a little bit over the top..his wife is having an affair with the neighbor in front of him and he have to lick the juice and wear my cum dripping panties at work next day.. on the other hand, this pleases me, and:: happy wife, happy husband. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Hard times for my cuck husband

  1. Ever consider making your cuck smell and or wear your lovers (real man) underwear on his head. It’s quite awful and humiliating especially when blindfolded and unaware what’s about to happen. Taking deep breaths of my mistress’s scent makes me feel so close to her. Having her essence inside me causes my cage to stir until this last time when I was mid inhale, she burst out laughing and said ,”wow you really like the smell of those.” And then left the room with me bound and the panties on my head. She left me there like that for an hour before taking my blind fold off and showing me her cruel nasty trick. I can’t escape that smell and I can’t escape that I really enjoyed it thinking it was her scent. I hate that now I know that a mans smell can be used to turn me on against my will. Mistress loves to remind me how her will and joy will always come before my heterosexuality. It’s totally fucked my head up and I can’t stop thinking about how powerful she is.

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    1. Very intriguing. I am pretty sure I would always be able to tell the difference between my wife’s scent and a male scent. I am less sure whether I couldn’t be turned on by a male sex scent or not in the right circumstances.


  2. Mistress Saudade, you are shockingly amazing and always wake up the darkest and most perverse and arousing fantasies in me… Suzy is a very lucky slave husband to have you, yet I don’t think I could take what he is enduring on permanent basis.


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