My wardrobe has changed over the past years

As I continue to grow in my role as a mistress and a boss my clothing has changed more and more toward leather, lacquer, high boots, black, red… I love to dress dominant,makes me powerful and feminine at the same time. Also want people to be able to identify my lifestyle as a dominant cuckoldress.


When it comes to my pet, my hubby I have also started to changed his dress code. How I like him to dress? Nice and stylish, I also love seeing the outlining of his chastity cage so I have started to force him into tight pants, I want people to see he is in chastity just like I want people to identify my lifestyle based on my clothing. The biggest change over the time has been my wanting and requirements in terms of his underwear. Back in the days I would never ever dreamed about having him dress panties and bra, but today its a demand, I love it. Well, I let him dress normally for work and gym, but once home he have to put on his uniform. After all he is a 100% cock slave and the only sex he have is either a big dildo in his butt or he is orally serving my pussy and my ass. Well from time to time I use the electro device on his dick or I gave him a ruined hand job with a latex glove. But when I do he have to stand in front of me dressed as a slut. And to humiliate him even more I send photos of my procedures with him to my lovers now and then.


Bottom line, I think clothing is important in femdom. By having your hubby in chastity and feminized and by dressing dominant you give your hubby a constant reminder about his position in this world. Another benefit of dressing sexy and dominant is that it plays on his fetishes and a sexually starved dog who see something which turns him on makes him serve and behave better.

4 thoughts on “My wardrobe has changed over the past years

  1. Interesting and intriguing, like always.

    But I have to ask you this Mistress: is feminization and sissyfication of your hubby essential for your enjoyment of his submissiveness or for his obedience? Would it be less fun for you if everything else was the same (including cuckolding, the cock cage, sex and orgasm denial, anal humiliation, corporal discipline, display of his submissiveness to you to other people etc.) but without dressing him up as a woman? Would his submissive attitude change?

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