Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity

Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity.  Since he can cum in his cage I see no reason to unlock him 🙂  And of course I turned of the power right before he came, its not his birthday.  (Note this video was uploaded on Bdsmlr 1-2 weeks ago so was not today :-).

Ruined orgasm by Electro





7 thoughts on “Emptied my cuck after 5+ weeks in chastity

  1. You’re very generous Mistress S. and the effect was really impressive for a ruined orgasm, 😉 Does electrical stimulation always work and how long does it take before he’s unable to hold back? What kind of pulse parameters do you use? I have an old TENS unit somewhere, maybe I could persuade my Wife to use it…

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    1. Sorry for late replay, been in Budapest on vacay with my hubby. I have 3 different tens.. I usually use the old one with 2 wheels, one for power, and the other frequency. I can torture him for 20 min or make him cum after 10 seconds.. just to put 50+- herz and increase the power.. For butt plug I use a newer tens with EMS.. pure torture 🙂 Your wife should definitly learn to use it, but once again, there is a big difference between each device.. some makes it easy to cum and others are not made for sex..

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      1. We used to have something similar, in addition to the frequency and the power the shape of pulses was also adjustable for two separate channels. The same kind of connectors and electrodes as in your photo and video. I have to find it, it’s been years since I used it for sore muscles. Where do you recommend the electrodes to be placed? The head of the penis and behind the balls?


      2. Just to let You know Mistress, my suggestion over the weekend to my Wife to use our old TENS for electroplay earned me a strict NO and a disciplinary spanking for daring to suggest a new way for me to cum. My urgent explanations, while She was blistering my ass and thighs with a wooden kitchen spoon (she also smacked my balls and dick a few times, but far less severely), that I meant it only as a possibility made no difference. I am also likely to be denied orgasms the whole November (I was allowed a ruined one just prior to my suggestion). Oh well… 😥


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