Honeymoon is over for my cuck


Today I told my cuck there will be changes in our relation. Fact is, over the time I have been way to nice in terms of chastity, orgasms and lingerie discipline. Its time to take a step up.

#1 Chasity
Over the past years I have used chastity on and off. Some weeks on some weeks off. From now it will be more or less permanent. Well I assume he already figured out since I have not unlocked him once over the past 5+ weeks. Also informed my cuck that next month when we go to a swinger club he will remain caged. Not only will he watch his mistress fuck all night but he will also be humiliated and unable to touch himself when he sees me.

#2 My lovers involvement
I will start taking photos and videos of my hubby during my sessions of him dressed in bra and panties or with a dildo in his ass and send to my lovers on a regular basis. Its time for them to know that he is not only a cuckold husband in chastity but also my little bitch / whore who is now ready to have some cock in his mouth and butt as well. And as I told my husband, we have nothing to hide and its a requirement from me that we are open and that he accept his destiny.

20190728 1050

Back in the days I put him in bra and panties now and then. From now I want my hubby to always be dressed in bra and panties at home and when Im present. I know he is afraid of friends and family seeing the outlining from the bra, but as I said before, we have nothing to hide and he should be proud of being my cuck – slave, just as Im proude to show people Im a mistress.

#Room for one more dog
Also informed my dog that Im looking for one more dog. No, not one more bull this time but a dog. Life is not only about fucking its also about being pleased on all levels. So been thinking about getting one more dog in chasity 🙂 Oh, I already “interviewed 2 candidates” which is the reason you have seen me dressing in leather before going out lately.


But will see how it goes, Im very picky and especially when it comes to integrity so I take it slow. Will be interesting to see how my dog at home will socialize with another dog.. he is used to see me with bulls in private and at swinger clubs and done his cleanup duties after many times, but never been with another dog who’s sole purpose is to please me, and he have never sucked off a cock before. Well, should not be difficult after all the cream-pies he have licked.

And one more thing: I have given my dog 2 months to slim down 10kg (20 lbs).. If not there will not even be any birthday fuck. Very tired of this behavior, had a six pack before, and acting way to comfortably these days. And no its not only about look, its about health as well, Im younger and want my hubby to stay healthy and alive.

5 thoughts on “Honeymoon is over for my cuck

  1. Mistress S. You are so STRICT and beautiful it must be hard on Your slave (dog). But im sure he deserves it since it pleases You. And his Total Love and respect for You.

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  2. You are very strict Mistress S. and it doesn’t surprise me that your hubby is hopelessly hooked and addicted to you even though certain elements of your dominance are not for me, like being called a dog and the feminization. The rest sounds terribly exciting, I want to experience the frustration and useless arousal from not being able to fondle my own penis for a long time (months). I would like to drop my habit of touching my Wife’s property (my genitals) and getting erections from it without Her command or permission, just like She forced me to stop masturbating several years ago and took full control of our sex life and all my sexual releases. It improved my performance in bed and our sex life (and our relationship in general). I would never want to go back.

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