Be careful what you wish for

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From time to time my husband asks me if he can please enter me.. “To have a little taste”.. Hell no, he is a cuck, my dog, my slave,  its not his pussy anymore, it belong to someone else.

Have a taste? I give him plenty of tastes; Who is licking my juice mixed with my lovers cocomilk after each dates? Be grateful !! I tell you one thing dog: you introduced me to femdom several years ago, and since Im naturally dominant embraced it.  You think you can give a woman a diamond ring and ask to get it back. You think femdom is something we should do when it suits you? Vanilla femdom LOL?. Please stop asking me these questions, and no this I do for us; you remember what happen each time I let you empty yourself in me? You lost your focus on me, became a lazy dog, acting like a king.  Anyway, this is no complaint, you have been a nice dog lately, let us keep it that way. And let me give a little advice to all other men who post endless streams of femdom dreams: be careful what you wish for 🙂


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