Words from a frustrated chastity cuckold


Written by my husband

Who is this? where is she going? is it a one night stand? or a permanet relation.. Like always I dont fucking know !! All I know is that Im locked with a prince albert secure chastity device, and trust me.. cuming in that device would be difficult, and even if it may be possible (not tried) it would be shit painful since decice is small and block urthera when hard…. . Oh the chastity device: chastity started out as fun a couple of years ago, locked for a day or two..top 3.. but lately its been more and more, shorter and shorter breaks.. and my mistress dont have any opening day to look forward too..no christmas eve.. she open when she feels for.. perhaps tomorrow..perhaps next week, perhaps next year.. perhaps never. And yes, I told my mistress its shrinking due to lack of action, she just say: thats awesome, love it, hope it shrink more.. She even seems more motivated after that statemen.. No not sure if its any permanet damage, but its definitly shorter right after I take the cage of for cleaning (supervised by mistress of course). Dont claim its shorter in general..but right after yes.
Ok, I have been cuckolded many times, nothing new, been watching, dates..same feeling,.. except now she is very strickt about the locking and I have been locked for long time. Balls are shit full, prostate bigger than the moon, ass destroyed after anal sex.. “wanna cum, you cum from the butt mistress say”. Well I tried that in an desperate atempt while she was out, but gave up. Yes, I have cum from butt before, but not without my mistress. And her last trip out (yesterday) : I had to choose her underwear and had to say by by like always (except I had been locked for long time this time which made it harder).. Anyway, was hoping she would come home early and force me to lick her pussy like she usually do.. (one of my fetishes).. did she turn up ? no? Did I sleep? no.. Well she sent a message saying she would be late and was fucking.. She arrived 09.30 in the morning like a total mess.. 9.30. I remember the time since I had no sleep, zero.. Did she tell me to lick her like I hoped to feed my fetish.. or bring home a used condom.. or a video..a snap ? No she held around me and said: I have to lay and relax, I have been fucking 6 times this night including in my ass, Im so sore.. been fucking like crazy, you have no ide, good you did not see this..we fucked for hours.. Like I wasnt furstrated and full enough from before.. Oh, you tought she removed the chatity device and gave me a handjob or something..or a little pussy fuck.. No, and fact is, I dont know when she will, and I dont know if it was a one night multi fuck or if she will have a relation with him.. Do I love her? like crazy, does she love me? I think so otherwise she would not be mad about my drinking or other behaviour , moreover now she is planning our trip to Cuba. Oh, I did ask her if she could free willy and live normal.. she was just laughing. Fact is: Im cluster fucked.. its a self-reinforcing cycle.. I need to feed my fetishes.. she knows that.. and she sees that Im more on to her when Im locked and cuckolded.. In other words: she sees the positivity in femdom.. I cannot let go of my fetishes.. and even if I could I love her and want her to make the decisions. But I could give anything for an orgams right now.. very funny since I have been masturbating regulary to femdom porn for several years but now Im trapped in my own fantasies.. and wife seems to speed up, not slow down.. Im just pushed deeper and deeper into submission by a wife who more and more understand how a man can be controlled by his fetishes. Im I happy? think so, a 2 second orgasm cannot outweight the gain we have in our relationship. Or to put it another way..not so easy to take someone for granted when they dress in sexy lingerie in front of you and go out and fuck while you are totaly locked..it trigger more than just hornyness. But trust me, this life is much harder than wanking off to some some pornhub tubes because this shit never stops.
I did complain once..she then whipped me and took a long piss in my mouth, another time she had me dress in panties and a bra.. and made me hwalk in the shopping mall.. of course I could say no, then she get mad and say what she always say: happy mistress happy slave, just do what I want and stop bitching and we will all be happy. I also tried to say: but dont you think the bra is visible under my shirt.. then she said: probably, but do they pay your bills.. its easier just to do as requested because if she is happy Im happy.

Anyway, today I need a break before my cage explode..I just hope she dont put on her lycra pants flashing her destroyed cameltoe.. as I said, Im trapped in an never stopping femdom porn movie without option to masturbate or fuck.. think I end up at the hospital for mentally ill people soon..I told her that, but then she said: I will come and visit you with one of my lovers.. . Anyway, one thing is for sure: I got what I wanted, the only frustrating part is the happy ending which she obviosuly save for the future.. and this is the part which makes it so fucking hard.. but make no misstake, I love her like crazy, and usually she do whats best for me. And unlike other men Im 100 % on to my wife.. she know exactly how to keep my attention.

Edit: As I said I need some time off today, I also told my mistress.. Im mind fucked.. My mistress said: I will let you relax today, but dont forget to wash clothes, clean bathroom and dont forget the buttplug training.. yes, the monster buttplug she bought some time ago still dont go in.. 20 min pr day she said..and it will go.. Scary thing is: she is a domina on rise.. back in the days I had some power and control.. but that was before she put me in panties. Fact is, I have no control anymore.. just flowting around in an unreal sub space..


Back in the days my wife did not like that I wached porn, now she let me wach all the porn that I want..


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