My Christmas present for hubby

My Christmas present for my husband this year: The halfshell chastity device with integrated 4ga prince albert lock from Rigid Chastity.

Yes, the above hook goes through the prince albert piercing and makes it impossible to pull out 🙂

Note, pictures are not from the actual device since the actual device will not arrive until late January due to long processing time (8 weeks). Anyway, I hope this device is better than the cheap ebay devices I have tried like this one (picture of my hubby today).


Will post an update when the half shell arrive.  I will be so happy if the new device function better and for 325 US it should be better..


2 thoughts on “My Christmas present for hubby

    1. Of course. I took him to a piercing studio one year ago and put a 3mm Prince Albert which has been upgraded to a 5mm during past year. He was very scared when I took him there last year, almost had to get a divorce to make him go lol.. but now he is very proude of it and show it to everyone when we go to a swinger club now and then. But reason he had to take one is because I see no point in putting him in a device he can pull out from, as a key holder I need to know that he is not able to do monkey business. Anyway it’s a win win, his pa makes me cum much faster when he is not in a cage I do love the look, and I do love love that he cannot pull out from a chastity device.

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