Finding good lovers are easier said than done.

Finding a good lover is difficult. Its always something wrong.. Some are mean.. Some are boring.. Some are afraid of my husband.. Some think I will be together with them.. Some just talk and don’t understand that Im sexually starved… And if everything is perfect then there is a huge chance they have a small dick.  Small dicks belong in panties not in my precious pussy.  (no I dont mean to offend your little thing..its just that I need big things when I have intercourse). 

And if Im straight with them from the beginning.. Like explaining I am a femdom married woman needing an open minded lover then they don’t understand.. And again this fear of my husband finding out.. Who the hell do they think have to clean up the mess they leave..or dress me before I come..  Who do they think I send the photo of their dick in my pussy to.. Open minds in small boxes..  

And this question about my husband.. about what he gets out of this and why he cannot fuck me.. I need my husband to have full balls so he stays focused on me, that’s one of the reason I need lovers.. And I like to humiliate him so of course I want him to find out.. Or actually the best would be if they could fuck him as well until he cums just like I do with the strapon.   

2 thoughts on “Finding good lovers are easier said than done.

    1. I had all kinds of dicks from the swinger environment, and of course the size is not very imprtant unless its thick..(majority is around average anyway +- an inch. That said I want my husband to have nice images in his head as well . 🙂

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