Why should a woman cuckold her husband?

Note: This is the cuckold husband to the blog owner writing (from his perspective).

First I must say I’m tired of the stereotypes in porn movies: “Stupid pathetic guy without character, no muscles, small dick”.  Fact is: I’m more masculine than average, I do have a quite stronger character, well educated and my dick is not in the below average range either” So what is it then.. What’s in for me? what’s the thrill? why should I let someone fuck my beautiful wife and mistress?  Is it because I don’t love her? Is it because I can’t make her cum?.. I do love my wife and she almost cum everytime I fuck her, yes by my dick. (Well the few times she let me fuck her and not visa versa). So yes I’m fully able to satisfy her.  However, sex is so much more than a cock in a pussy followed by an orgasm.  after all our biggest sexual organe is our brain. I love to think and visualize..I like to mix emotions like pain, jealousy and fear with sex.  And even if I’m not the typical sissy my wife is still more dominant than me. E.g. in terms of housework she whipped me around since day one. . Fact is she dominates me in every aspects so why not in terms as sex as well.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I was just like many other men.. Took my wife for granted, wanked off to some porn regularly.. fucked my wife now and then..  I was not on to her.. In the end she got tired of me and had an affair due to my lack of interest and drinking.  I found out, we argued ..  but I also noticed it made me more on to her.. horney .. competition..took better care of myself..  You know where this is going..    Well after that incident combined with her dominant nature and my improvement in behaviour it was time to do some more thinking.. How to permanently restore the marriage?.. It was, time for a femdom marriage.  

So my advice to women who have a husband who lack interest in her.. Its pretty easy: Put him in chastity, start dressing sexy, if he have a fetish for leather, then leather skirts/pants it is..  And most important: get a lover and keep denying him, keep him on the edge and be creative.  Of course he will go crazy… and thats the time to buy a strapon and show him who is the boss…  Well at least this guideline worked for me.. For the past year I have been 100 % on to my wife.. Before that we were just two objects living different lives in same house. Just like chastity, and strapon, cuckolding is mandatory.. And the worse you behave the further down in subspace you drive him.. And that where you want him.. On to you.. So why do I like to be a cuckold.. Im on to my wife and I get my brain blown out..  On top my mistress is having fun.. And since Im on to her I want her to have fun, good time..  

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