Preparing for my hubby


Preparing for my hubby. And no Im not like these mean bitch bosses who dont let their sissy cum.  My sissy is fully allowed to cum as much as he want as long as he cum by his ass without any touching.. and trust me, I will drill all the way to china. One time he even came twice this way.. who the hell said men cannot have multiple orgasms. Well, its not entirely true that I only let him cum by ass because sometimes I do let him touch but only if I have been given an orgasm by one of my lovers same week, I love to remind him about that.



One thought on “Preparing for my hubby

  1. Thanks for posting Mistress:
    I don’t fuck my sub/husband much anymore; it has actually been a while. But have also fucked him until he was fully milked. Once he started moaning and opening himself up fully I could see his semen start to ooze out, I continued to push the full strap-on in and nearly all the way out until he seemed to quit dripping, he was exhausted after lol.

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